CNC welcomes students back to school

September 5, 2017 10:41 am
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For the 48th year, the College of New Caledonia welcomes students back for Welcome and Orientation Week at its six campuses throughout northern BC.

“The start of the school year is an exciting time. Our faculty and CNC staff work diligently year-round to ensure students have the best possible post secondary experience. That means quality programs, student supports, dedicated instructors, a fun and healthy social life and 90% success rate in finding employment after all their hard work,” says CNC President Henry Reiser. “With all that in place, we’re thrilled to welcome students to all six of our campuses and give them the one college experience.”

To celebrate the beginning of the school year, most CNC campuses plan an orientation day as well as other fun activities. Both the Prince George and Quesnel campuses are hosting welcome back lunch bbqs today with music and games. The Quesnel campus has activities planned for the entire week. All students are welcome.

At CNC’s Prince George campus, 2,260 students will start classes this week, with almost a quarter of those being international students. Those amounts will increase throughout September as some programs, such as trades, don’t begin until later in the semester. Also, CNC will be welcoming more international students, who will sign up for courses and programs over the next couple of weeks.

The majority of CNC students are registered in University Studies courses, while Business and Health Sciences programs, such as Nursing, are also popular. Dental hygiene has also returned after a two-year hiatus.

Supporting CNC students during the upcoming year CNC, working full or part-time, are approximately 278 operational staff, 256 faculty and 59 administrators.

“CNC is growing in numbers and excellence,” says Reiser. “We’re looking forward to another exceptional year.”

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Alyson Gourley-Cramer
Executive Director, Communications | College of New Caledonia