CNC Quesnel Campus dedicates new Aboriginal learning space

August 29, 2017 3:44 pm
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The College of New Caledonia Quesnel dedicated a new, on-campus Aboriginal space for students today. The room’s Carrier name is Koo hoonzoo ‘et hots’dul’eh, which means “It’s a beautiful place; we are learning.” Stephanie Boyko’s suggestion won the naming contest. She won a custom pair of moccasins created by artist Bella Chantyman.

The gathering space is designed to be a welcoming and culturally safe environment for Aboriginal learners. The new study space is located at the heart of the Quesnel campus, said President Henry Reiser, “and the location is an acknowledgement of the importance of our continued relationships with the three First Nations in the Quesnel area.” Reiser dedicated the space and gave a numbered print, “Forest Light” by Wells artist Claire Kujundzic, to celebrate the new room.

Quesnel hosts the second-largest of the College’s six campuses, serving approximately 600 students a year. Last year, almost 20 per cent of Quesnel students were self-identified as Aboriginal students.