CNC Board Continues to Work to Deliver High-Quality Programs While Staying Below Provincial Tuition Average

February 20, 2017 9:38 am
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The College of New Caledonia Board of Governors met in Prince George on Friday Feb. 17, with a broad agenda including motions to set tuition and introduce suggested fees for the updated Dental Hygiene program.
Board members recognized that the College’s rising operational costs needed to be addressed in the 2017-2018 fiscal budget and agreed to a two per cent increase to tuition this fall. During 2016/2017, CNC fees for full-time students were just above $2,600 a year – below the provincial weighted average of $2,900. The increase will add approximately $130,000 to the base operating budget.
The College continues to look toward cost saving options to help reduce overall student financial burden. Through significant investment, CNC will continue to develop and expand the number of courses offered through the Digital Delivery Instruction initiative (DDI).
Since the 2015 fall semester, 679 students have taken 25 courses offered through the DDI initiative. There are currently two classrooms equipped with DDI technology on the Prince George campus, in addition to another two classrooms in Quesnel. All CNC campuses have been equipped and plans continue to expand program delivery in Vanderhoof, Burns Lake and Fort St. James throughout the 2017/2018 academic year.
“We are encouraged by the initial feedback that we are getting on our Digital Delivery Instruction initiative from both students and faculty,” said CNC president Henry Reiser. “Our plans to expand access to this technology and increase capacity will allow students to enjoy courses not previously available in their communities, allowing them to study closer to home.”
Additionally, the board voted in favor of a tuition fee increase for the new version of the Dental Hygiene program returning in the fall of 2017. Combined fees and tuition for the CNC Dental Hygiene program remain the second most affordable in the province – with an increase in student enrollment capacity to help address industry demand.
“We are committed to delivering on our promise to bring Dental Hygiene back to North Central B.C. and the Board’s approval of the suggested tuition fee is one of the last formal steps in this process,” said CNC President Henry Reiser. The updated version of the program will reflect industry standards.