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How to use Chrome on a site requiring IE

So, you’ve settled on Chrome as your default browser and moved all your bookmarks over. Pleased as punch you find yourself at a site you can’t access properly because the site’s authors made it an Internet Explorer site and Chrome won’t work properly on it. Ohhh the inhumanity of it! What do you do?

Actually the problem is easily solved through Chrome’s plugin’s. Just follow these steps.

Update: IE Tab Multi has become increasingly difficult to locate through the Chrome Web Store, for simplicity you just use this link to locate it

Click the settings button on the right side of Chrome’s menubar

Showing the setting button on the menubar of Chrome


Now click the Settings item on the drop down menu

Showing the settings item on the drop down menu


Now click the Extensions Item

Showing the Extensions menu item

Look for the Get more extensions link and click that

Showing the Get More Extensions link


Now you’re on the Chrome Web Store (Congratulations for hanging in this long continue on below)

Showing a screen shot of the Chrome Web Store

Now we need to do a search, type IE into the search box, it has “Search Apps” in light grey until you type inside it. Press enter and then when the results show up click the Extensions button to filter the results for what we want. Finally you’ll see something called “IE Tab Multi (Enhance)” as pictured below

Shows the search results

Now you want to click the add to chrome button on the right

Shows the add to chrome button


Once you click Add to Chrome a pop up dialog box asking you to confirm the new extension will appear. You’ll need to click the Add button

Shows the Confirm New Extension dialog box


Finally after Chrome finishes installing the extension it will open the options page where you can set the options you want. I’ve added some red arrows for you to pay attention in the options page.

Showing the options page

Congratulations, if you got this far you now have a Chrome browser that can act just like IE on sites that demand IE be used.

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